Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


  1. This agreement is between Dog Logic Limited (t/a Pet Lodge), and the owner or agent of the animal(s) to be boarded.
  2. Dog Logic agree to take all due care of your animal(s), but accepts no responsibility for sickness, loss, death, or injury from any cause. The owner/agent indemnifies Dog Logic against any claims, actions or proceedings relating to the owner/agent’s animal.
  3. Dog Logic accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, bedding, toys, leads, etc. caused by the owner/agent’s animal(s).
  4. If an animal shows aggressive tendencies and cannot be handled by Dog Logic & Cattery staff, or if a dog becomes a persistent barker, then Dog Logic may contact the owner and request for the animal to be collected immediately. In these circumstances a surcharge may apply.
  5. Dog Logic reserves the right to charge for all days booked during the holiday periods, including late cancellations and unused days (late drop-offs or early collections).
  6. The owner/agent authorizes Dog Logic to use the services of a vet, and to obtain prescription dietary food if required and to administer drugs, medicines, or injections, which are necessary for the well-being of any animal. These shall either be charged to the owner/agent’s veterinary account or be paid for in full by the owner/agent, to Dog Logic together with all boarding fees before the animal(s) is removed.
  7. There will be a surcharge of $45 for taking animals to the vet, (additional charges may apply for travel and time beyond 1 hour).
  8. Any animal(s) not collected and paid for within 7 (seven) days of agreed collection date will be deemed to have been abandoned. Under these circumstances Dog Logic has the right to re-home, or otherwise dispose of the animal(s), at its discretion.
  9. For long term boarding arrangements (30 days or more), regular monthly payments in advance must be made. Failure to keep payments up to date may be deemed by the proprietor as abandonment of the animal(s) by the owner/agent.
  10. The owner/agent authorizes Dog Logic to obtain, or supply, information regarding the health or welfare of their animal(s) to their veterinary clinic or other boarding establishment. Animals will be refused boarding if all required vaccinations are not current.
  11. Dogs are generally exercised in groups according to age and size, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Where dogs are exercised in groups there is, as with any form of physical exercise, a perceived potential risk of injury. If you do not wish your canine to be exposed to this possible risk factor, please advise a staff member and we will try to keep your dog separated.